Dak Prescott feeling comfortable in the offense and with the communication

In the midst of the pandemic, with no on-field work in the offseason, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has had to quickly adjust to a new head coach, new verbiage and some new teammates.

“[I’m] being asked to do some [different] things, but I think they’re all things that I want to take,” Prescott said. “I want to take control of putting more of it in my hands, whether it’s getting from one place to another, whether it’s calling my own plays at certain times during two minutes, all things that make the quarterback position special. So more than anything, I’m happy that I get to take on these decisions and some of the things I’m being asked to do.”

The Cowboys led the league in total offense last season at 431.5 yards per game. Prescott, 27, had a career-best 4,902 yards passing and 30 touchdowns.

But the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs, so Mike McCarthy replaced Jason Garrett as head coach. McCarthy did keep Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator and play-caller, but he tweaked the offense and terminology.

“I’m very comfortable in the offense, comfortable with the guys,” Prescott said. “Getting adjusted with communication. The new terms, the new words, that’s almost second nature, I guess you could say, now. I’m kind of right where I need to be and feel very comfortable with the offense and where we’re going as a team.”

Moore was a first-year play-caller last season, and McCarthy surprised many when he announced Moore would retain those duties this season. Prescott made a pitch to McCarthy early on to keep Moore from leaving and to allow him to retain the reins of the offense.

Prescott said “that continuity has been huge.”

“[It’s] been important for me and not just for me but everybody within this offense from some of the veteran offensive line guys to the receivers,” Prescott said. “I had a talk early on with McCarthy, just the importance of it being Kellen’s show and the way that he does things. Majority of the quarterbacks you look at in the league that have had a lot of success have stayed in the same system, so that was the big importance for him to keep me and the rest of this offense in the same system and take what we’ve done over the past few years and grow on that. We’ve had some success, but we’re just trying to take that to the next level, and that’s what he offers us.”