Dave Gettleman: Daniel Jones did things no other rookie QB has done

Giants General Manager Dave Gettlman has no doubts that he did the right thing when he chose quarterback Daniel Jones in the first round of last year’s draft.

Gettleman said today that Jones made a few too many mistakes last season, but mostly had an outstanding rookie year that shows he’s ready to be the Giants’ franchise quarterback for years to come.

“The only thing that was a little frustrating last year was the turnovers, the fumbles,” Gettleman said of Jones. “He had a solid rookie year, did things that no other rookie quarterback has ever done. And for some reason I think the fumbles have overshadowed that stuff. He showed he can bring us from behind and win a game. He showed he can makes big throws in an overtime period. This kid accomplished a lot last year.”

Jones fumbled an NFL-high 18 times last season, which the Giants badly need him to get cleaned up. But Gettleman was clearly pleased with what he saw from Jones, the quarterback who will, more than any other player, determine the success or failure of Gettleman’s tenure running the Giants.