Food delivery workers to help find missing children during Amber Alerts

Deliveroo’s food delivery workers will be helping in the search for missing kids from now on. Through a national campaign called ‘Ride to Find’, meal deliverers will receive Amber Alerts and Missing Child Alerts on their rider app, so that they can help keep an eye out for missing children. The campaign is supported by Amber Alert and the police].

“The more people look for a missing child, the greater the chance that the child will be found again quickly,” Frank Hoen of Amber Alert said. “Deliveroo’s deliverers are on the road all day. They are not only clearly visible on the street, but also see a lot themselves. That is a great asset. Thanks to this new collaboration with Deliveroo, in which delivery drivers receive an active alert via their rider app, we hope in the future to bring missing children home even faster.”

This is the first time worldwide that Deliveroo deliverers will receive these alerts on their apps, Amber Alert said. During September, Deliveroo workers will also ride around with missing person posters on their delivery bags, to draw attention to cold cases.

In April last year, Deliveroo deliverers also rode around with missing person posters on their delivery bags, though these involved missing adults.